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s. Lenka's thanksgiving letter from Ecuador

12._ObiteljP9161080Dear Darek, and all the missionary friends from Poland, here I put the translation of s. Lenka's letter, that she has written to all of you, and all of us, who help her poor children each month!

Maybe Darek can translate it also to polish, and make the polish translation public here! Many greetings and thanks from Croatia! Drina and friends from Kristov Stol - Croatian part.

s. Lenka's september letter from Oyacoto, Quito, Ecuador (September, 10th, 2010):

"Dear friends and donators of the association "Kristov stol"


4._Kuca_u_Sierri26._KlackalicaSincere and big greeting from Ecuador in the name of our children, which thanks to the intiators and memebrs of Association, and your generosity can eat the good meal each day!
We also managed to buy a big pot, becuse the one in which we cooked the last year was not enough big now.
Now there are cca 200 children and young girls that eat in our center, the number of girls is 29.

The majority is from Amazonian jungle, few hours walking away...Each of them has its own history. The most of the fathers have two or three wives, and many of them prepare and have buatism in our missonoary center. The wives in their surroundings are degradeted. They serve to their husbands, to children, and work in the fields. That is why the girls dream about escaping from such a surrounding...


P6079335Among our children, we also have a little girl, the granddaughter of our sacristan, she is named Drina. We believe this is the first Croatian  name in Ecuador, which has one little indian girl, and Drina was the first volunteer, which colaborated with our community 2 years.
I also want to thank to Darek and his family, our friends from poland, which have been here more than a month, and they taught our children and girls english. Vojtek is the eldist son who was helping with our girls wherever he could, in the kitchen, in the garden, with the children, with sewing and tayloring, making bread...Their presence among us, was a real blessing of God and enrichment.

P9171142In the name of our children I thank to all the donators, to s. Jozepka, to those I know and those I have never seen. Let the Lord bless your sacriface and generosity. Let him bless our nations and giv all of us what we need for the well of our soul and body.

Our task is to help children and young people that their destiny tomorrow is not the same that live their parents - povery, but persons who validate theirselves concious that with the God's help, they can live as the God's children, because the Jeses came we can "have the life, in abundance"
Our center, thanks to our donators, is pretty big, and we miss a little to finish it completely. Here we help children and young people materially and spiritually, and we educate them to have the better future.

Every day, together with our children, we have you presented in our prayers.
In Christ, devoted and grateful s. Lenka.

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