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Pariz 26.5 - La Manif Pour Tous - velike demonstracije za obitelj

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Francuska revolucija za obitelj!

La Manif will be composed of three processions, which will converge in the center of Paris and leave from the following places:

- Porte Dauphine
- Porte de Saint Cloud
- Place Valhubert (Austerlitz)

Because it's not too late! Now is not the time to let go! Even if the law cleared the Assemblée and the Senate, it has not yet been promulgated. More than ever, we must be present to show our determination AGAINST TAUBIRA'S LAW!

We are defending the foundations of civilization: parentage through the marriage of a man and a woman, and democracy through the freedom and sovereignty of the people!

No more is our fight only about having our indignation be heard, but also about freeing France from the thought police that our government, which is unable to work on our economic problems, seeks to impose.


Your presence is IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE!