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Ekwador 2019 (facebook grupa vlč. Marcin Benedykt Werczyński  )

Dorine fotoreprortaže na poljskom (2015)



Članak o s. Lenki i Darekovoj udruzi u poljskom "Glasu Koncila"

Dear Drina,
here is a beginning of an article that is to appear in Gosc Niedzielny, the biggest Polish catholic weekly with circulation about 150 000, about us and the sisters. there is going to be another article written only about the sisters in the last week of August. The journalist Szymon Babuchowski and a photographer, Roman Koszowski, visited the mission in May this year, where we met. (an incredible story written by God, they just "happened" to be in South America at the time of our arrival at the mission...) and then visited us in Ponikwa to write Part 1 or Introduction  to the sisters' story.



Pratimo Dareka i ekipu molitvama pri njihovom sutrašnjem putu za Ekvador! (29.4-29.5.2013)

Pratimo i Darekov blog, s aktualnim fotkama iz centra s. Lenke!

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Dear Drina!

Greetings from Poland!
We haven't heard from you for ages. We hope you are doing fine.

Our association is still working, some people got really involved in it, and one may be cautiouslly optimistic about things. We are leaving for Ecuador on Monday 29 April again, this time just me and Wojtek and two of his schoolmates, a girl called Paula and a boy named Elliot. We are going to continue with our blog: misja-ekwador.blog.pl



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Prowadzimy blog na stronie www.misja-ekwador.blog.pl