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Dragi prijatelji i suradnici,

vjerojatno već znate da uz priloge koje mjesečno šaljemo s. Lenki iz Hrvatske, svaki mjesec redovito primamo i uplate naših prijatelja iz Poljske, koje sam nakon povratka u Hrvatsku, povezala sa s. Lenkom, pa je čitava obitelj Sciepuro, provela krasnih mjesec i pol u Ekvadoru, u siječnju i veljači ove 2010. godine...Upravo smo ovih dana uspostavili i zajedničku suradnju na stranici, još se malo uhodavamo, no dobivat ćemo vijesti i novosti o njihovim aktivnostima u Poljskoj, vezano uz pomoć s. Lenki, kao i druge katoličke novosti iz Poljske - ipak smo mi Misijska Europska Katolička Inicijativa...

Njihove vijesti će biti na poljski i engleski, i moći ćete ih pratiti u novootvorenoj rubrici "Polish" u desnom dijelu stranice, ili na naslovnci, kojeg će sami uređivati, uz povremene priloge i od nas u toj rubrici! U nastavku prijevod na engleski, i njihov izvještaj iz Ekvadora u veljači ove godine, na engleskom! Enjoy!

Dear friends,

you know that each month we send our donations to s. Lenka in Ecuador - from Croatia, and also from Poland! The Family Sciepuro spent nice time of month and a half in Ecuador, in the s. Lenka's Community, in January and Fabruary this 2010. year. These days we have recently started also our web collaboration - with their news about their activities to help s. Lenka, and also other interesting catholic news from Poland - because we are the Missonary European Catholic Initiative. Their news will be in polish and english, and you can read them in the new tab section "Polish" in the right part of our page, or on this homepage. They will edit it themselves, with occasional contribution from our part in this section. In the continuation you can read their ecuadorian report in English, from February this year! Enjoy it!

"Ecuador 1

Dear friends and students. Here we are in an exotic and extremely friendly Ecuador. It is quite hard to find time to write - I started in Polish and now perhaps some reflections in English. The journey was tiring but pleasant, we were impressed by the airport in Madrid - underground train taking you from one terminal to another especially. In quito we were welcomed by sisters from the mission and travelled through crowded Quito in its rushhour and via PanAmericana to the remote but very decent buildings of the mission. The houses are neat, very clean, even comfortable. The school buildings are still being enlarged, and the classes that already exist are practical. The food is excellent, far better than we expected, with lots of unknown to us fruit and vegetables. We have been able to see how hard life can be to the people here, especially when on Saturday night we visited an ice-cream makers' community near our place. Priests never get there, so s. Lenka is the only person who brings them some formal statements of catholic faith, gives advice and encouragement. The huts were very basic, clothes old and torn, but our hosts turned out to be very open, ready to talk on religious subjects, smiling and kind. It was amazing! Another most memorable thing was coming of age of one of the girls in the internat here, she just turned fifteen (it is like 18 with us). The girl was Shuar, like most of the 15 girls living here on permanent basis, and escaped from the jungle just a few years ago. They escaped because they didn't want to become another wife (polygamy) of some old man, and they also escaped the hardship of life there. The girl's friends prepared the whole programme of dances and speaches, including some Shuar dances - excellent! We also started teaching yesterday - two groups of very young children (5 and 6 year-olds) in classes of about 20 students in each, which was not easy at first but promises to be OK, and with the older girls and a few of the "hermanas" (sisters from the mission) as well, which was much easier - they all are eager to learn. Soon we are going (for the second time) to visit Quito - for a mass with an archbishop. So far we haven't been impressed by this city, but it has got its charm and beauty. There is still a lot to see there. The weather has been beautiful - sunny and warm, he best of spring. We here of some heave snowfalls in Poland and northern Italy. Very amazing scenes happen when young students arrive here loaded into two little vans (the rest just walk here) and start the day with lots of cheers, songs and prayers. The youngest are just 2 years old and sometimes do not hold what they are supposed to hold and hermanas have to help them into bathrooms. Very sweet children, asking Tomek to play with them - the olders girls are also extremely happy to be in a company of Wojtek of course, he already danced with some of them at the fiesta, which had never happend before in his life. Amazing!

Well, that must be all for today, thank you for your prayers! "

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